The Author, Jay Moynahan

A retired professor of Criminal Justice from Eastern Washington University in Spokane, Washington, Moynahan is continually working on this series of books about prostitution in the American Old West, from 1849 to 1920.  Included in this group are also the soiled doves of Western Canada and Alaska.  

Over the decades, the author has scoured the American West and Northwest collecting material from vintage diaries, letters, newspapers, photographs, books, magazines, census data, interviews, personal records, police, prison and court records in an effort to separated fact from fiction and given us an entertaining look at history as it was and not the movie version.  

There were a number of interesting and dynamic women in the ranks of these good time girls.  Some were in constant trouble with the law and found themselves in a revolving door between jail and the streets, countless others were addicted to drugs and alcohol.  Many were ahead of their time in social matters, consequently their lives are intensely interesting to us and read like an old soap opera, engaging yet almost unbelievable.

A crusader of sorts, Moynahan's research became more personal when he discovered Anna Moynahan, a distant relative, supported herself in the 1870s by running the Star Adair Bordello in the mining town of Georgetown, Colorado.  

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      Books by Moynahan  


Naughty, Naughty, Naughty French Postcards (Some Naughtier Than Others)

By Jay Moynahan

This book is designed to show the range and variety of postcards that were classified as naughty.  This label was attached to them at the beginning of the 20th century when they were most popular.  At the time these postcards were produced, France was considered the most liberal and permissive society as far as sex was concerned and these postcards were inspired by those standards.  French prostitutes were also considered to be the best in the trade and often commanded a premium for their services.  


The cards in this book were mainly produced between 1900 and the 1920s.  Some of the cards are reminiscent of political cartoons found in contemporary newspapers.  Although inspiredby French prostitution, the naughty postcards were also made in England, Germany and the United States.  

A 2016 publication, $17.50 plus $2.25 s/h, 8½ x 5½", 116 pages, soft cover. 


98 Women of Questionable Virtue, 1890 - 1928 

By Jay Moynahan

Dr. Moynahan has collected observations and quotes from and about prostitutes and prostitution for over 15 years and in the process of this research, he has found serious, light-hearted, interesting, profound and thought-provoking statements about and from the women in the oldest profession.  Although the photographs in this book are from 1890 to the 1920s, quotes are from more contemporary individuals.  Most of the photos were taken by professional photographers in a number of settings including cribs, studios, brothels and outside.  

A 2016 hard cover, limited print publication signed by the author, $29.95 plus $2.25 shipping, " x 5½", 117 pages and sold without a dust cover.


Fifty Years of Prostitute Photos (1870-1920) 
Volume VI
Edited by
Jay Moynahan

Very little is known of any of the women who are pictured in this book, we can only guess at their experiences.  Many probably led interesting and eventful lives that would make fascinating reading but it's sad to think that there are literally tens of thousands of stories that have passed beyond our grasp.  Therefore, this book is a catalogue of nameless women who plied their trade of prostitution between the years of 1870 and 1920.

Although the photographers are unknown, most of these previously unpublished photographs were produced by professionals.  Many of the women in various stages of undress are shown in photographic studios with painted backdrops.  Below each photo are statements, comments or observations about prostitutes or prostitution during the years from 1870 to 1920.  This is the sixth volume in the series of prostitute photos.

George Carlin, a well known American comedian (1937-2008), once observed on prostitution, "Why should it be illegal to sell something that is perfectly legal to give away?"

A 2014 spiral bound soft cover publication, $11.95 plus $2.25 shipping,  " x 5½", soft cover, 63 pages.



Red Lights in Wallace, Idaho:
Prostitution and the Oasis Bordello

by Jay Moynahan 

At one time Wallace, Idaho was a rich mining town that housed many women of negotiable virtue.

This book tells a brief story of the development of the town and its prostitution trade. The emphasis moves quickly to the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s when the trade was still active. The focus narrows to the Oasis bordello and its eventual conversion to a museum.

The Oasis story is supplemented by candid views from a former Wallace prostitute, former Oasis housekeeper, contemporary bordello museum directors and some Wallace residents.

The Oasis Bordello is a unique museum. Almost everything in the house is as it was when bordello life was abruptly interrupted in 1988 when the Oasis was deserted due to an anticipated Federal raid. The women were told to exit through the back door with what they could carry and to leave everything else behind. That is exactly what they did. As a result, one sees clothing, shoes, underwear, cosmetics and other personal items as well as furnishings of the formal brothel.

The author explains the step-by-step process a customer went through to receive sexual services in the bordello along with a 1980s price list of sexual services including a conversion to 2012 dollars so the reader can see what these services are worth in today's dollars.

Filled with illustrations and photographs, this book takes the reader on a most interesting visit to a Wallace house where fallen women plied their trade.

A 2013 soft cover, $14.95 plus $2.25 shipping, " x 5½", 112 pages.



Naughty Postcards of French Prostitutes (1900-1925) 
Edited by Jay Moynahan

This illustrated book examines the phenomenon of the French postcards that were extremely popular between 1900 and 1925. Also known as naughty post cards or nude post cards, they were initially produced in France.  Almost all of the models who posed for these pictures were either full-time or part-time prostitutes.

With the introduction of these cards, a new business employing hundreds of prostitutes began around the turn of the century. Money was made, reputations were established, and the products were distributed throughout the world.  

This book contains numerous photographic samples of exclusively, naughty French postcards. Fifteen regular size postcard images are printed on photographic paper and are suitable for framing. There are also eight pages of photo paper containing four smaller images per page printed on a single side. The women are in various stages of dress, from clothed to fully nude.

This book is produced as a collector’s item and is limited to 325 signed and numbered copies and most of the photos in this book are different than those found in my other books.

A 2013 spiral bound soft cover publication, $19.95 plus $2.25 shipping,  " x 5½", soft cover, 82 pages, limited edition.


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JEW JESS, Queen of the Red Light Pickpockets 
by Jay Moynahan 

Constantly on Dr. Moynahan's mind and on the back burner for many years gathering information has been Jew Jess, the definitive pickpocket and sporting gal home based in Butte, Montana during the early part of the twentieth century.  No matter where she went or where she worked, she always returned to Butte's extensive red light district known as its Bad Lands.  She operated using at least 12 aliases, was an effective con artist, a successful prostitute and known to Montana police as the best pickpocket they had ever known.  During her time in Butte, none was more notorious than Jess.  She was a single-person crime wave who kept the police busy, the court system on its toes and newspapers filled with interesting stories.  The newspapers rarely alluded to her sexual activities but they certainly commented extensively on her skills as a class pickpocket.  Various articles are quoted and in some cases reprinted in this publication which also includes pictures, maps and pictures of representative memorabilia of the day.  

A 2012 hard cover, limited print publication signed by the author, $29.95 plus $2.25 shipping, " x 5½", 130 pages and sold without a dust cover.


Japanese Prostitution Around 1900 
Edited by Jay Moynahan

This publication presents a reproduction of an historical publication titled HOW THE “SOCIAL EVIL” IS REGULATED IN JAPAN. There are two parts to this reproduced book, one of which deals deals with how Japanese prostitution operated.  Included in this section is an application form women had to fill out before interviewing with the police. Also presented are the numerous laws dealing with prostitution. The second part of the book offers observations on Japanese prostitution by four westerners visiting the far east and writing about their what they saw.  This informative book is both insightful and interesting.  

A 2011 publication, $11.95 plus $2.25 shipping,  " x 5 ½", soft cover, 64 pages.



Tales of Colorado's Sporting Women, 1860-1920 
by Jay Moynahan 

This book features a history of prostitution as it operated in early Colorado during the gold rush of that state's history that started in the late 1850s.  It documents these women and their counterparts up to 1920.  Also included are the names of more then 1,550 women who plied their trade during this 70 year period.  Back then the girls moved from one community to the next so who knows if these ladies eventually ventured to California after leaving Colorado or came from another location into Colorado.  Several personal stories of these ladies are also featured in "Tales of Colorado's Sporting Women" along with pictures and captions. 

Click here to see the TABLE OF CONTENTS along with publishing information.

A 2011 hard cover, limited print publication is signed by the author, $29.95 plus $2.25 shipping, " x 5½", 174 pages.



New York City Prostitution in 1912 (New, first edition book, signed by the author)
Edited by Jay Moynahan

This book contains a reprint of selected material that first appeared in COMMERCIALIZED PROSTITUTION IN NEW YORK CITY, which was published in 1912. The goal of that book was to report, as accurately as possible, the conditions of prostitution as they existed in parlor houses, tenement houses, hotels, furnished rooms and massage parlors in New York City at that time. It introduced the reader to the world of vice in America’s largest city, where prostitution was widely and openly practiced. Current day readers will find some differences but many similarities to prostitution as it exists in the 21st century.  

This 2011 limited print, hard cover edition is signed by the author, $11.95 plus $2.25 s/h, 8½" x 5½".





Why Women Become Prostitutes: A View from the Nineteenth Century (New, first edition book signed by the author) 
Edited by Jay Moynahan 

This book is about the results of a study on prostitution in New York City conducted in the mid-nineteenth century. Part of the purpose of the study was to determine why women went into prostitution.  The study was conducted by Dr. William Sanger, a well-respected New York City physician. After extensive interviews with working prostitutes, he discovered the primary reasons women chose prostitution as a way of life. He augmented his findings with a large number of case studies.

Dr. Sanger’s findings and case studies are reproduced in this book. 

A 2011 publication, $11.95 plus $2.25 shipping, " x 5½", soft cover , 67 pages.


Ladies of Negotiable Virtue (hard cover, limited edition)
By Jay Moynahan

An account of pioneer prostitutes and the dance halls, saloons, cribs and brothels where they plied their trade, along with floor plans of the establishments and photographs of the women of negotiable virtue.

During the time the west was settled by non-Native Americans, the initial population was about 90% male, mostly single or without their wives which meant there was an acute shortage of women as the camps and towns were established.  The result of this disproportionate distribution was a need for female companionship and/or for women who would engage in sexual activities.  To fill this need, a number of women went west and became pioneer prostitutes hoping to find their fortune.  They saw their migration as a way to strike it rich by mining the men who had traveled west.  It did not matter whether they were ranchers, miners, loggers, cowboys or railroaders, as long as they had money and would pay for sex, the women would be there to sell their wares.  

This book deals with a look at all facets of the pioneer prostitute complete with photos of the best known places where the ladies practiced their craft, floor plans of these establishments and of course the ever-popular photos of the ladies themselves.

 This 2010 publication is a limited edition, numbered and signed by the author, $29.95 plus $2.25 s/h, 8½ x 5½" hard cover, 119 pages.




Forty Forty Fallen Women: Japan’s Oiran, Tayuu and Yújo, 1870 to 1920
Compiled by Jay Moynahan

The material in this book transports the reader to a different time and place, into a world with which few are acquainted.  It provides an uncensored view of Japanese prostitution as it was practiced from 1970 to the 1920s.  The book is illustrated with many color photographs and illustrations of red light districts, brothels and prostitutes.  Japanese prostitution produced its own rules, customs and morals.  Religion and politics were only minimally involved because the Japanese were not burdened with the anti-prostitution Victorian norms so prevalent in the United States.
A 2010 publication, $12.95 plus $2.25 s/h, 81/4 x 5½",
soft cover, many color pictures, 64 pages.


Forty Fallen Women
Ouled Nail of the Sahara, 1870 - 1920
Compiled by Jay Moynahan

The young women of the Ouled Nail, a northern Africa tribe that lived on the fringe of the Sahara Desert in the late nineteenth century, were trained in the arts of dance and love-making. After this education they left the tribe and relocated in oasis towns where they danced in cafes and sold sexual pleasures to selected men. Their dancing became known as belly dancing.  The women’s earnings from this work became their dowry and once they earned a sufficient amount, most returned to their tribe and chose a suitable husband. They became wives and mothers and their past as dancers and prostitutes was forgotten.

This book contains 40 different photographs of the women and the places they worked. Most are fully clothed but a few are not.

The statements, quotes or comments below each of the photographs provide general information about the Ouled Nail and their dual careers of dancing and prostitution. These highly talented and provocative women were the sensation of Algeria. Some even made their way to the United States, where their performances at the 1893 Chicago’s World Fair received mixed reviews. 

 A 2009 publication, $11.95 plus $2.25 s/h, 8½ x 5½", 63 pages, soft cover. 


Fifty Years of Prostitute Photos, 1870 to 1920
Compiled by Jay Moynahan

Although the photographers are unknown, most of these previously unpublished photographs were produced by professionals.  Many of the women in various stages of undress are shown in photographic studios with painted backdrops.  Below each photo are statements, comments or observations about prostitutes or prostitution during the years from 1870 to 1920.  Included are such observations as the one made by Madam Nell Kimball, "A prostitute makes more money than a working woman and has better hours than a housewife," and Lola Montez, "I was always notorious, never famous," or Madam Mary Hastings, "Any girl who is good enough for a high-class house is too good for my joint."  This is the fourth volume in the series of prostitute photos.
A 2009 publication, $11.95 plus $2.25 s/h,
8½ x 5½",
soft cover, 63 pages.


Forty Fallen Women
Western Doves and Madams, 1885 - 1920
Compiled by Jay Moynahan

This book presents a collection of 40 old western photographs of prostitutes and madams who plied their trade in the west for a 35-year period.  Below each photograph is biographical material about the women.  

This is one of the only books to present such a large number of identified photographs of ladies who entertained the cowboys, miners, railroad men, soldiers, farmhands, businessmen, outlaws and travelers as they traveled through the lives of these women, through time and into history. 

Some of the photographs are of well-known doves such as Big Nose Kate Elder and Squirrel Tooth Alice, while others portray lesser-known women like Etta Freeley and French Blanche.  There are also mysterious women such as Etta Place, the companion of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  She disappeared after Cassidy and Sundance were presumably killed in South America.  

 The women pictured in this book worked in a variety of settings that included saloons, cribs, and houses of prostitution. Their goals were to provide sexual favors to men and make money in the process.  Many of the women were successful at both tasks while others not successful at either much less life in general. Whether widely known or not, all of the women led interesting and exciting lives while involved in the settling of the west. 
A 2008 publication, $11.95 plus $2.25 s/h, 8½ x 5½", 63 pages, soft cover. 


Forty Fallen Women
Naughty French Mademoiselles, 1890 to 1920
Compiled by Jay Moynahan

Before risqué calendars, pinups, Playboy Magazine and Internet sites, there were French postcards.  They were produced as the result of the invention of photography in the 1800s, and men's desire to view sexy, erotic, nude woman was born.  The market for these new products was much larger than anyone predicted as the cards were classified as "naughty French postcards" and widely distributed.  The peak years for sales was between 1897 and 1920 and although they were classified as postcards, not all were produced to be mailed, a number were sold to collectors.  The statements, quotes or comments below each of the photos provide general information about French prostitutes and prostitution in general.  These sensual and romantic women were an important element in the historic development of prostitution in France and the many location to which they traveled.    

A 2008 publication, $11.95 plus $2.25 s/h, 8½ x 5½", soft cover, 63 pages.



Gold Rush Girls of the Klondike
1896 - 1901

By Jay Moynahan

Just a few years before the turn of the nineteenth century, men from every continent flocked to a little-known area in northwest Canada called the Klondike to seek their fortunes in gold.  In addition to the men, there was a special breed of women who also came in search of their fortunes.  these ladies were appropriately called "the gold rush Girls" and were a determined and adventuresome lot who found fortunes in gold, husbands and adventure while creating legends that are still alive today. 

One in particular whinnied when she danced as well as during other forms of recreation and was appropriately named The Oregon Mare.  Other Gold Rush notables among them were Mountain Molly, the Grizzly Bear, The Girl with the Baby Stare, Diamond Tooth Lil, Nellie the Pig, the Doll of Dawson and the many other women on Klondike City, also known as Lousetown.  Read about these and other soiled doves during the Klondike's most infamous time.

A 2008 publication, $11.95 plus $2.25 s/h, 8½ x 5½", 64 pages, soft cover. 




The Klondike Travels of Mattie Silks

and her Sportin' Women
In 1898, Mattie Silks, well known Denver madam, and eight Colorado prostitutes embarked on a journey from Colorado to the Yukon filled with danger and almost insurmountable perils.  The group traveled to the gold fields to provide the miners with female companionship thereby mining their own Yukon gold.  Mattie chose eight of her most attractive young ladies to accompany her.  However, the group went at the worst possible time was temperatures dropping to between -30º F and -50º F.  Not only were tthey freezing their bussles off, there were no trains or roads (only trails) but despite these problems, the group traveled over 500 miles to seek their fortunes.  Not quite a year after their assent to the Yukon, the group headed back to the states after Mattie overheard a conversation between Soapy Smith and his cronies about plans for her premature termination.  That was all Mattie had to hear to convince her it was time to head back to the lower 48.  A 2008 publication, $11.95 plus $2.25 s/h, 8½ x 5½", soft cover, 64 pages.




American Vice Resorts 1917
Edited by Jay Moynahan

In 1917 H. B. Woolston conducted a study of prostitution in 40 cities in the United States.  This survey was probably the most comprehensive and systematic national study to date.  He surveyed many aspects of the profession including the types of vice resorts found in 40 U.S. cities and described the many different locations within a city where prostitution was carried out. 

This volume comprises those findings plus general information about prostitution from the time of Woolston's study.  Also included are rules for operating a brothel, regulation sin the operation of a red light district, and health department regulations governing women in a restricted district.

A 2007 publication, $11.95 plus $2.25 s/h, 8½ x 5½", 64 pages, soft cover. 






Red Light Revelations: A Glance at Great Falls' Lusty Past
This book traces prostitution in Great Falls through the newspapers from 1889 through 1918.  Activity in the red light section during this time was probably greater than at any other time in Great Falls.  They were working the streets, saloons, cribs, hotels, boarding houses and brothels of the city with approximately 100 to 125 working at any one time.   The trade did well in Great Falls, especially after the turn of the century then around 1913, an area cleverly named "10th Ave. S." was unofficially established as the city's red light district. 

The women had previously worked in this area for a number of years when a local land company and the Milwaukee Railroad built a new brick structure built exclusively to house the town's soiled doves which smoothed the way for the business of prostitution.  The women were granted a license to practice their trade through a fee system set up by the city; $10 per prostitute and $50 was the fine paid by each madam.  The fines assured them immunity from arrest. 

This book is the first known publication to focus on prostitution in Great Falls and the surrounding area.  The women who engaged in the world's oldest profession were often colorful and their stories should be told.  Like the men they entertained, they were truly pioneers in the development of Montana as they were in all the other states. Spiral binding. A 2007 publication, $12.95 plus $2.25 s/h, 8½ x 11" soft cover, 98 pages.



BAWDY PHOTOS 1870 - 1930
Edited by Jay Moynahan

Because of the popularity in photographs of prostitutes from days gone by, Chickadee press has published its sixth volume of photos on the nymphs of the night.  These pictures are different than those found in Fifty Years of Prostitute Photos, Vol. I; Fifty Years of Prostitute Photos, Vol. II; Fifty Years of Prostitute Photos, Vol. III; Photographs of Red Light Ladies 1865-1920 and Risque Photos of the Soiled Doves.  A variety of women are represented from those considered attractive by today's standards to the not-so-attractive and all are in various stages of undress.  Along with each photograph is an informative statement about prostitutes or about the skin trade in general.  
This book is produced as a collector's item and is limited to 550 signed and numbered copies.  
A 2007 publication, $27.95 plus $2.25 s/h, 8½ x 5½" hard cover, 128 pages. 





The 1775 Prostitutes of Edinburgh, Scotland

Edited by Jay Moynahan

This book contains a reproduction of the 1775 Scottish publication, "Ranger's Impartial List of the Ladies of Pleasure in Edinburgh," with a preface by a celebrated wit of the day.  This book presents a list of many of Edinburgh's active prostitutes in 1775 including physical attributes along with psychological makeup and emotional characteristics of each woman.  Sexual specializations are alluded to as well as other attributes or drawbacks of that  particular woman.  The publication also notes the ages of each one ranging from 16 to 50 with most of the women in their 20s.   
A 2007 publication.  $11.95 plus $2.25 s/h, 8½ x 5½" soft cover, 64 pages.. 




The BLUE BOOK of New Orleans
Edited by Jay Moynahan

Storyville, New Orleans official and legal red light district, was an ill-famed denizen of irrational behavior teeming with pleasure places, cat houses and honky-tonks, open 24/7 and all in the center of New Orleans' commercial business district.  From 1897 to 1917, all illegal activities were condensed within a few square blocks along Basin Street next door to the French Quarter and named Storyville after Sidney Story, a local politician who wrote the legislation setting it up.  In an effort to  guide the prospective customer through the maze of sporting houses, cribs and decaying shacks in this district, a soft-sided, pocket-sized publication called The Blue Book was published containing prostitute names, locations, brothel ads and general advertisements.  Over this short period of time many were printed but very few remain.  They were distributed in bars, barbershops and at the train station by a small team of newsboys.  Unfortunately, as you might imagine, these fragile little books didn't last long.  This reproduction of the red-covered Blue Book published in 1911 is filled with New Orleans merchant advertisements including where to go for a bit of  sportin' adventure.   This is a limited edition printing of 500 books, numbered and signed by Jay Moynahan and is sold without a dust jacket.  
A 2006 publication.  $27.95 plus $2.25 s/h, 8½ x 5½" hard cover. 



The Good Time Girls' Guide to Gold Rush Cuisine
The Good Time Girls' Guide to Gold Rush Cuisine combines stories and facts about Yukon/Alaska Gold Rush prostitutes with recipes of the period by providing a unique glimpse of the life and times of the soiled doves who operated in the great north country.  Each tale is accompanied by a recipe of the time.  Included are such recipes as Shady Lady Pancakes, Mollie's Moose Steak Pie, Bearing Sea Rice Waffles, Klondike City Yorkshire Pudding and Mary Akimoto's Ptarmigan Stew just to name a few.  From the start of the far north gold rush there were always good time girls near the miners who populated the area.  Sometimes they cooked for the miners and most likely the recipes in this book were used and enjoyed by both miners and their companions. A 2006 publication.  $11.95 plus $2.25 s/h, 8½ x 5½" soft cover. 






This book contains many amateur and professional photographs of prostitutes in various stages of undress who worked in the trade during the late 1800s and early 1900s.  Attractive or not by today’s standards, at one point in each of their lives they all earned a living in the business of exchanging money for sex.  These photographs, collected over the last 13 years by the author vary in quality.  Photographic processing in the late 1800s and early 1900s was not a perfected medium and many of the photographs have deteriorated since that time. Each picture is accompanied by a statement about prostitution or the prostitutes who engaged in the world’s oldest profession during the time period. The photographs in this book are different than those found in the other books published by Chickadee Press such as "Fifty Years of Prostitute Photos," "Fifty Years of Prostitute Photos, Vol. II," "Fifty Years of Prostitute Photos, Vol. III" and "Photographs of Red Light Ladies 1865-1920."
This book is produced as a collector’s item and is limited to 500 signed and numbered copies.  
A 2006 publication, $27.95 plus $2.25 s/h, 8½ x 5½" hard cover, 126 pages. 



                   Prostitution on the American Frontier
Each chapter presents an accurately reported view of the women and the profession of prostitution during the settling of the American West.  The first chapter unveils the details of one of many confrontation between the fallout when two El Paso madams become enemies and planting themselves firmly into the raucous history of the Old West.  Next, the author turns to the wilds of Idaho and the legend of the poker bride. Was there really a poker bride?  This book will reveal the rest of the story.  Tombstone is the focal point of the tale of Gold Dollar, a prostitute who worked in The Bird Cage Saloon and what she did in that saloon is something of which legends are made.  This chapter is followed by a section on why ladies entered the profession; how young were the youngest and how old were the oldest.  Then the reasons why the Old West bawdy houses were opened and the details of their operation.  New Mexico's stagecoach driving madam and her outrageous life are also spotlighted.  Colorado is the location of the prostitute who fell in love with one of her clients, a story not to be missed.  Lastly, French Marie is the subject of the final chapter.  She auctioned herself off at a saloon in the Yukon Territory in what can only be described as a wild event.  A 2005 publication.  $19.95 plus $2.25 s/h, 8½ x 5½" hard cover, 106 pages. 

In 1868, the Hartford, Connecticut publishing house of J.B. Burr and Company published "Sunshine and Shadow in New York" by Matthew Hale Smith.  This ambitious undertaking  was 718 pages long and filled with essays about the life and times of the people living in New York City. Included in these essays were descriptions of prostitutes, prostitution in general along with those who supported the trade. Based on other sources, it is very probable that the facts he presented were totally accurate.  Unfortunately, the whole book was not dedicated to prostitution in New York.  It would have made a much larger contribution to the historic literature on the subject. The reader must remember that this book was written during the Victorian era when the topic of prostitution was avoided in the popular press and  never discussed in proper society. The text has not been edited and the pages included in this book have been reproduced from the original 1868 publication.  The chapters presented in "Prostitution in New York City in the 1860s" provide the reader with an excellent view of the red light profession as it operated in a large American city of the day.  A 2005 publication, $11.95 plus $2.25 s/h, 8¼" x 5½", soft cover, 64 pages.



Just Call Me Kate
The Stories of Four Kates of Negotiable Virtue

About the lives of four prostitutes who practiced their trade between the 1880s and the first part of the twentieth century. Kate Barrett was an Irish prostitute who settled in Spokane. Her life was generally uneventful except when she burned the town down. Kate Elder hung around the Earps and was Doc Holliday’s paramour. She disappeared for a long time, and was found again when she was in her 80s. She had lots to say about Holliday and the Earps. Kate Dulaney plied her trade in Cordova, Alaska just after the turn of the century. She and a man half her age fell in love. He became a household name and minor celebrity and she disappeared. Cattle Kate’s fame was established in Wyoming territory. Powerful forces wanted her to leave. She stayed and was murdered. Cattle Kate was the first woman hanged in Wyoming.  
A 2005 publication, $11.95 plus $2.25 s/h,
8¼” x 5½”, soft cover, 71 pages.  







This publication contains a large collection of amateur and professional photographs of prostitutes who worked in the trade from 1865 to 1920. Some ladies are fully clothed; others are fully nude; a number are somewhere in between.  By today’s standards some of these women are very attractive but others are not. They are all actual soiled doves who made their living exchanging sexual pleasure for money.  These photographs, collected over the last 12 years, vary in quality. Photographic processing in the late 1800s and early 1900s was not a perfected medium and many of the photographs have deteriorated since that time.  Accompanying each picture is a statement about prostitution or the prostitutes who engaged in the world’s oldest profession during the time period.  This book is produced as a collector’s item and is limited to 375 signed and numbered copies. 
A 2005 publication. $27.95 plus $2.25 s/h, 
8¼” x 5½”, hard cover, 126 pages.  



A glimpse into Sacramento's Bawdy Past of 1885

This view is seen through newspaper articles presented in the SACRAMENTO DAILY BEE during this one-year period.  The sportin' women who populated Sacramento's red light district came from many geographical areas.  Some of the women were part-time prostitutes while others worked on a full time basis.  Some of the women died in the profession; others left before alcohol, drugs, old age, disease or assaults destroyed them.  The Sacramento soiled doves of 1885 were not much different than those found in other parts of the West.  Many of them were very mobile and thus traveled to other Western towns.  This glance provides an interesting and reflective view of women of ill repute working in Sacrament's in the latter part of the 19th century.  It was an exciting and lively time. Contains newspaper articles and illustrations, spiral binding.
A 2001 publication, $12.95 plus $2.25 s/h, 11" x 8½", soft cover, 61 pages. 






The Sportin' Women of Wallace and the Silver Valley, 1888 TO 1909
Prostitution first started in the Silver Valley (also known as the Coeur d' Alene Mining District) in 1883 and remained active for about 110 years. The first pioneer prostitutes constituted an important part of the community, leaving a lasting and memorable stamp upon the Valley. In 1883 gold was discovered at Prichard Creek on the North Fork of the Coeur d' Alene River. The news of the strike traveled rapidly and gold hungry prospectors and others found their way to the area. As the Valley received more prospectors and miners (most of whom were single) a number of sportin' women also moved to the area. The sportin' women arrived in 1883 with Murray, Prichard and Eagle City being the first populated by the ladies. Soon the ladies migrated to Kellogg, Wallace and the other mining camps in the district. The articles gathered for this book are from various newspapers in the Silver Valley, with the majority being from Wallace. The articles are all related to prostitution though some are not about the Silver Valley.  Contains newspaper articles and illustrations, spiral binding.  
A 2001 publication. $12.95 plus $2.25 s/h, 11" x 8½", soft cover, 59 pages. 

A Glimpse into Butte's Sinful Past 1879 to 1917

Articles from Butte's newspapers from 1879 through 1917 trace the history of its tawdry past.  Butte had one of the largest red light districts west of the Mississippi.  Women such as Frisco Nel, Sorrel Mike, Dutch Rose, Big Grace, Lillie the Lush and Miss Paris all worked in the "restricted" area at one time.  These and other doves worked in saloons, bordellos, hotels, cribs and boarding h ouses.  In those days Butte was a wide-open town with a wide-open reputation.  These articles present an absorbing view of Butte's red light activities and the women who practiced their trade.  Contains newspaper articles and illustrations, spiral binding.  A 2001 publication, $12.95 plus $2.25 s/h, 11" x 8½", soft cover, 70 pages. 




Unveiling Spokane's Risqué Past 1895 - 1905

Mr. Moynahan traces Spokane's soiled doves through the newspapers from 1883 to 1905.  Activity in the red light district was greater than in any other time in the history of the city.  At any given time during this 22-year period, there may have been 400 or more sportin' women working the streets, alleys, saloons, hotels and cribs of the city.  The articles of this book were taken from several different Spokane newspapers.  These articles present an absorbing and truthful view of Spokane's red light district and the women who lived there.  Unlike the scenes portrayed in Hollywood westerns, life for these ladies of the night was often difficult.  The newspaper accounts provide a glimpse into some of the misfortunes these frontier women encountered.  Contains newspaper articles and illustrations, spiral binding.  
A 1999 publication, $12.95 plus $2.25 s/h, 11" x 8½", soft cover, 56 pages.  


The Prairie Pioneer Prostitutes' Own Cookbook
Discover 19th century recipes of the prairie pioneer prostitutes - sportin' women who traveled from the relative safety and comfort of the East to the frontier West.  These soiled doves came to dispense their favors to the hard working (and hard playing) men of the American frontier. Contains lots of recipes and illustrations, spiral binding.  A 2001 publication.  10.95 plus $2.25 s/h, 8½" x 5½", soft cover, 71 pages. 

Cures, Treatments and Medicines from the Sportin' Ladies of the Frontier West

This unique publication discusses a variety of items including wrinkle control, a cure for drunkenness, earache relief, the use of "female pills" and the new (circa 1890) and revolutionary Electro-Magnetic Belt.  It is not certain how many of the sportin' women were exposed to these different treatments and household hints but it is felt a majority of them were.  Whether they were women who worked in a lowly saloon or crib or were found in a high class bordello, at one time or another they all would have had need for most of the remedies found in the pages of this book.  The book also discusses such topics as the major causes of death at the turn of the last century and comparing these causes with contemporary causes.   A 2001 publication. Contains illustrations, $11.95 plus $2.25 s/h, 8½" x 5½", soft cover (spiral binding), 65 pages. 

Deep in the Bitterroot Mountains of Western Montana dwell the towns of Saltese and Taft.  Saltese developed over a period of time, while Taft sprung up almost overnight.  They were both wide-open towns that supplies cowboys, miners, trappers, loggers and railroad men with a variety of goods including the services of ladies of easy virtue.  This publication recounts the stories of these two towns and the sportin' women who inhabited them.  Of the two settlements, Taft was by far the most notorious.  The Chicago Tribune once labeled Taft "the wickedest city in America ... plague spot of vice."  Although not as infamous as Taft, Saltese was no paragon of virtue either.  The reputation of both towns were established in part by the ladies themselves.  This book contains the story of the towns and their ladies. Contains illustrations.  A 2001 publication, $11.95 plus $2.25 s/h, 8½" x 5½", 47 pages.  

The Crusader Meets the Madam 
Carry Nation and Madam Maloy in Butte, Montana
Butte, Montana had one of the largest red light districts west of the Mississippi.  The town was packed with saloons and drinking was a 24/7 event, along with the availability of the local purveyors of sin.  In January, 1910, temperance advocate Carry Nation stepped off the train in Butte with plans to reform the great mining town of drinking, gambling and prostitution.  Her preaching went well until she took a tour of Butte's restricted district and ran afoul of one of the bordello madams. Spiral binding.   A 2001 publication, $11.95 plus $2.25 s/h, 8½ " x 5½ ", soft cover, 47 pages.  

(Updated, revised and published in June, 2006 and includes more illustrations and photos.)

The terms in this book were used by prostitutes, their customers, the public and social reformers in the second half of the 19th century and the early 20th century.  Some were used by the few social researchers there were at the time. Subcultural terms (also known as argot) go through a process of continual change and replacement.  Because of that, only a few of the words associated with prostitution in the frontier American West are used today.  Spiral binding.  A 2002 publication, $11.95 plus $2.25 s/h, 8½ " x 5½ ", soft cover, 47 pages.   


The jokes and stories in this book are about Butte, Montana, the greatest mining camp the United States has ever known.  Prostitution in the camp was in its heyday between 1880 and 1917, the time these stories took place.  As far as can be determined, the stories are true and have been collected from several sources.  This is only a sampling of Butte stories and jokes.  There's no doubt prostitution was not always a pleasant trade to those practicing it, that's why these stories involve violence, crime, disease and other unfortunate circumstances attached to the trade.  This book contains some of the lighter tales.  The reader is invited to sit back and enjoy some of the jokes and stories, recounted some 100 years after the glory days of the famous Butte red light district, contains illustrations.  A 2003 publication, $11.95, s/h $2.25,  8½" x 5½", soft cover, 53 pages.



Recipes from the Bordellos and Backstreets of the Frontier West

Are you interested in Bawdy House Tea Biscuits, Hurdy Gurdy Roast Chicken or possibly Sportin' Ladies' Fried Sidewinder?  If you are, you have come to the right book.  You can find recipes here that will never be found anywhere else.  Those interesting ladies of long ago worked in a variety of settings, some more conducive to cooking than others.  They prepared some meals over open campfires while others were cooked in well-appointed bordello kitchens.  Few of the woman had either money or resources, thus the recipes were usually economical and easy to prepare.  they were probably considered fairly tasty too.  In many cases, the early recipes were written down simply as lists of ingredients.  An experienced cook of the time would know how to prepare them depending on the cook, easy recipe might turn out a little different.  Try your hand, see what happens. Contains illustrations, spiral binding.  A 1999 publication, $11.95 plus $2.25 s/h, 8½" x 5½", soft cover, 63 pages. 



This cookbook combines stories of prostitution with recipes of the period.  This book provides a unique glimpse into the life and times of women of easy virtue during the Great War.  each glimpse is accompanied by a recipe that was used during the time.  For various reasons most Civil War historians have failed to discuss the role of prostitutes who operated between 1861 and 1865.  These women practiced their trade on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line, providing enlisted men and officers a much-sought-after service. Whip up some Public Woman's Relaxing Tea or Sporting House Cracklin' Bread.  How about Billy Yank's Corn Cakes or perhaps Sallie Lunn's Bread?  Spiral binding, contains illustrations.   A 2004 publication, $11.95 plus $2.25 s/h, 8½" x 5½", soft cover, 77 pages. 



The 1881 Killing of Prostitute Sorrel Mike 

It was cold that December when screams disturbed an otherwise uneventful morning.  The screams alerted those in the other small frame houses that something was dreadfully wrong.  The piercing shrieks came from the small house that was occupied by Lottie Ables, also known as Sorrel Mike.  They were cries of impending death from one of the town's well-known sportin' women.

Miss Ables had a .38 caliber slug lodged in her back.  The pistol had spewed its ball at close range and the telling shot was causing its victim incredible pain.  Many of the bystanders thought it was a self-inflicted wound by a woman who wanted no more of life, a final desperate act of a soiled dove wishing to escape from her woes, spiral binding. A 2001 publication.  $11.95, plus $2.25 s/h, 8½" x 5½", soft cover, 50 pages.  


Souvenir Sporting Guide
Compiled by Jay Moynahan

Cowboys, miners, trappers, railroad men, travelers and others discovered the locations of red light districts soon after arriving in a new town because of books like this.  Local saloons provided this information on local women and where to find them.  Several eastern cities produced guidebooks listing women who sold their sexual favors.  In Chicago, a book appeared entitled, "The Sporting and Club House Directory, All Strictly First Class Clubs and Sporting Houses."  Other famous publications included the blue books produced in New Orleans from 1895 to 1915.  These guidebooks advertised the attributes of girls of that cities' red light district called Storyville.  Since some of the women are in various stages of undress, this booklet receives an "R" rating, contains illustrations.   A 2003 publication.  $11.95, plus $2.25 s/h, 8½" x 5¼", soft cover, 50 pages.  



The Famous Red Light District and a list of over 1200 Names

At one time Butte was one of the greatest mining camps in the world.  In 1917 the town's population was 100,000.  At that time almost everyone was connected in one way or another to the mines and mining.  Along with the names are the years they appeared in Butte's census preceded by 45 pages of Butte, Montana history and insight into the beginning of this infamous mining town. Spiral binding.  A 2003 publication.  $11.95, plus $2.25 s/h, 8½" x 5½", soft cover, 84 pages.


Compiled by Jay Moynahan

This collection of photos covers a 50 year span of prostitution.  Early photos of prostitutes are not readily available.  Many of the women did not want publicity about their role in the profession, hence few photographs survive.  Another group of prostitutes were not camera shy and gave photos to customers for promotion.  Other women had their photos taken during recreational outings while others were photographed during police bookings.  Since some of the women are in various stages of undress, this booklet receives an "R" rating.  A 2003 publication, $11.95, plus $2.25 s/h, 8½" x 5¼", soft cover, 50 pages.   


Volume II contains even more photos of the ladies. This book shows a number of sportin’ women photographed by a variety of different photographers, including professionals, amateurs and of course the ever-present police mug shots.  They are all professional women of the day and yet each has a very different look, character and demeanor. Please note that many illustrate nude prostitutes of the era.  A 2004 publication.  $11.95, plus $2.25 s/h, 8½" x 5¼", soft cover, 61 pages. 


Volume III is an extension of the previous two books and consists of more photos of the Old West's beautiful doves, different than those  found in volumes I and II.  These photos and stories also occur between 1849 and 1920 in the United States and Canada.  Some of the stories are about individual women while others describe an event or the working conditions of the time. Note that many illustrate nude prostitutes of the era.  A 2004 publication.  $11.95, plus $2.25 s/h, 8½" x 5¼", soft cover, 61 pages.


SARAH BOWMAN, Pioneer Madam 

The story of Sarah Bowman, also known as The Great Western, is scattered across many publication and documents.  Some of the most reliable of these are journals kept by soldiers and travelers.  There are also government documents that add to her story.  She was a military heroine, a part-time prostitute and/or madam, if that wasn't enough to make her noteworthy, at 6'2", she cast a long shadow.  Most likely she is the only known sportin' woman ever interred in a national cemetery and was buried with full military honors. Spiral binding.  A 2004 publication, $11.95, plus $2.25 s/h, 8½" x 5½", soft cover, 66 pages. 

A list of books and articles the author has compiled throughout his research on American frontier prostitution between 1849 and 1920 in the geographical area west of the Mississippi. This bibliography is a work in progress. As additional sources are discovered they will be added to future editions of this publication.  A 2006 publication, $8.95, plus $2.25 s/h, 34 pages.

Soiled Angels on the American Frontier

This is a chronicle of five fallen women who plied their trade in the old West.  They were fascinating women and each has a different story to tell. Spiral binding.  A 2001 publication, contains  illustrations, $11.95 plus $2.25 s/h, 8 ¼" x 5 ½", soft cover, 65 pages.

Poetry and Verse Related to Prostitution On the American frontier

This book consists of poems and prose written by lovers of prostitutes, observers of prostitutes and reformers. Some of the selections are short; others are lengthy.  They describe the life and death of the ladies as well as their customers. Unfortunately, the author has discovered no poems written by the prostitutes themselves, even though many of the women were literate.  These pieces have been gathered from across the Western United States and Canada, many published in the newspapers of the times. Hopefully more will be found in the future, thus necessitating a second volume, spiral binding.  A 2002 publication, $11.95 plus $2.25 s/h, 8¼" x 5½", soft cover, 68 pages.

Compiled by Jay Moynahan

This book contains a facsimile reproduction of an 1895 guide book to sporting women in Louisville during the annual Encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic. The guide was 28 pages long and provided the reader with a list of houses of prostitution. During slack times at the Encampment the men could avail themselves of “horizontal refreshments” provided by the sporting ladies. Following the reproduction of the Guide (and added by this author) are a number of actual photos showing some of the prostitutes and madams of the time. Since some of the women are in various stages of undress, this booklet receives an "R" rating. A 2004 publication, $11.95 plus $2.25 s/h, 8¼” x 5½”, soft cover, 69 pages.


With a list of over 800 prostitutes

In the late 1800s and early 1900s there were a great many prostitutes working in Spokane, Washington.  There was never an accurate count made but it is estimated that at peak times there were 200 to 300 women engaged in the world's oldest profession.  This list is the first attempt to gather and publish a large number of names of sportin' women who plied their trade in Spokane from 1883 to 1920.  This collection of names is by no means complete.  Hopefully more names will be added in the future.  Spiral binding.   A 2001 publication.  $12.95, plus $2.25 s/h, 8½" x 5½", soft cover, 55 pages. 



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